The Treaty of Versailles: Cause of WWII

             The Treaty of Versailles: Cause of World War II
             The First World War ended with the Treaty of Versailles going into effect, followed by the Great Depression, collecting German aggression on new limitations, Italian hostility, and Japanese belligerence. Pre World War II conditions were favorable for extremist leadership which wanted revenge on the rest of the world. "In 1919 the leaders of the Allies met at the Palace of Versailles to decide on the peace settlement after the Great War. The decisions that they took were going to influence Europe for the next twenty years. Some people believe that these decisions led to the outbreak of another world war twenty years later" (Portland 1). The Treaty of Versailles aided in the outbreak of World War II because it left Germany weak, unstable, and open to fascist rulers taking over.
             The Treaty of Versailles ended all conflicts between Axis and Allied Powers. It was signed on June 28, 1919 at the Palace of Versailles and went into effect on January 10, 1920 after being signed by Germany and four of the Allied Powers, Great Britain, France, Italy and Japan. It was not confirmed by the United States, which made its own treaty with Germany in 1921 (Young 10-12). The League of Nations Agreement made up the first section of the treaty. Besides keeping the peace, promoting disarmament, and encouraging international cooperation, important functions were assigned to the League in connection with certain territories abandoned by Germany in other parts of the treaty. Germany gave up territory in Europe to France, Belgium and Poland. Additionally it gave up its holdings in Shantung, China, to Japan. The treaty also restricted both manpower and equipment. Germany was not allowed to hold and train an Army or Navy. It did not allow the draft, and prohibited the maintaining of an Air Force (Young 13-14). Germany was to pay over and beyond damages, resulting from defiance of the law ...

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