desscriptive essay on Theme Parks

             I have always been fascinated by theme parks. It amazes me that average, ordinary people eagerly trade in the calmness of being ground level for the chance to be tossed through the air like a football. Its fascinating to me that at some time in history someone thought that people would enjoy this, and that person invented what must have been the first of these terrifying machines. For me, it is in particular the thrill and excitement of having survived the rides that keeps me coming back for more. People all around the world love the adrenaline rush of theme parks. The horrific rides make individuals stronger humans by challenging the mechanical monster. Finding the courage and power in ones self to conquer the fear of a nerve wrecking ride like a roller coaster, fills the passengers with pride.
             My first experience at a theme park was in New Jersey at six flags great adventure, when I was about 8 years of age. Looking up at those looming monstrosities that are spinning and twisting the life out of its daring occupants, I was in awe. It was huge, smoky, noisy and extremely intimidating. Ever since that initial impression became engraved in my imagination, these rides have reminded me of mythical thrills, and amazing head rushes that keep me coming back for more. The sounds of screaming passengers coming from each direction provide butterflies in my stomach. Even the droning sound of their engines brings to mind scary imaginations that form in my head. The sites and sounds make me feel like I am stuck in an uncontrollable dream that ends up waking me up late at night, soaked in sweat. The rides are less then five minutes long, yet contain feelings of entering a completely different world, run by tons of clanging metal that toss human flesh around like clothes in a dryer. Sometimes you might feel like your never going to enjoy the peacefulness of the calm earth floor as your climbing up the enormous hill in the roller co

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