Logic and George Boole

             The meaning of logic is likely one of the most philosophical ideas on which to write about. Logic and creativity are opposite ideas. Logic represents the prime value of creativity. Logic is the inverse of creativity. I have discovered that creativity is not equal to logic in terms of its power to change our existence. Creativity is the compliment of logic. Only when logic has been proved can any creativity spring forth. Creativity is merely applied logic.
             Logic is a science that deals with the principles and the validity of inference. Logic is the sequence of facts or events when seen as inevitable or predictable.
             Although it is true that the creative geniuses are likely admired, their contributions to society are not as life changing...unless applied to science. Li-Fang Zhang wrote an investigational article called "Thinking Styles and Modes of Thinking: Implications and Research." He claimed that a "major finding was that creativity generating complex thinking styles were not significantly positively correlated with the holistic mode of thinking but significantly correlated with the analytical mode of thinking." He puts his defined thinking styles in two categories. The first is creativity (including liberal styles) and the second is the logical (including conservative styles) He thinks that the logical thinker requires simplistic information processing.
             The founder of symbolic logic, George Boole is rightly regarded as one of the founding fathers of computing and information technology. The term "Boolean value" was named after George Boole. Computer Programmers use this "Boolean value" to hard code validity checks into a computer system to protect the integrity of data. Computer science engineers use the Boolean value to create switches and circuits. In fact, the language of computers is the digital, binary code. Binary code is represented as "0" meaning off and "1" meaning on. It also represents "true" or "...

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