Biography of Ludwig van Beethoven

             Ludwig van Beethoven is a German composer who was born in Bonn, Germany on December 17, 1770. He had a lot of accomplishments that includes symphonies, concertos, string quartets, sonatas, opera, masses, several overtures, and piano variations. Because of these achievements, he is considered to be one of the greatest composers in the Western Tradition.
             As an individual, Beethoven was impatient, impetuous, narrow-minded, and unreasonable. He would often misjudge his friends accusing them of disloyalty, unfaithfulness, and conspiracy. But after some time, he would also forgive them. Although he was an intolerant person, I can also say that he was a responsible man. Since his father was an alcoholic, he was the one who worked to earn money for their family. He was the one who supported his family's needs. As a composer or musician, Beethoven showed his creativeness through his works and masterpieces. With his inspirations like Haydn and Mozart, Beethoven was able to create wonderful masterpieces that's why he was popular during his time and is considered to be one of the best composers in the Western tradition today. His deafness did not stop him to continue his work. He was dedicated to his work, and because of that, many people gave recognition to him.
             But what about his music? I can say that his music and his masterpieces somehow reflect his attitudes. Most of his masterpieces are in low tones, and if you listen to it, it signifies loneliness. Maybe this was because of his deafness. At first, he didn't want to accept the fact that he was deaf. But after he had contemplated his condition, he realized that his deafness was a challenge for him to continue his life and his work. After stopping to be a virtuoso pianist, he then devoted himself to composing. Beethoven had a lot of masterpieces. One of his masterpieces that I am familiar with is Symphony No. 9 (Choral). Whenever I hear this song, I feel uplifted. The ...

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