Martin Luther

             In the sixteenth century the Christian religion began to change. The conflicting idea of salvation was the key ingredient in the separation of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome. Martin Luther and his followers began to believe in a different form of salvation. During this time, several other groups, like Martin Luther's, separated from the Roman Catholic Church. This is what is now known in history as the Reformation Period. It has been debated that if the Roman Catholic Church had acted earlier the reformation may have never happened. The split today is between Catholic and Protestant denominations. The reformation started with groups leaving the Roman Catholic Church and ended with the Catholics reforming themselves. However, it was too late.
             One of the most influential people in history is Martin Luther. Martin Luther was a monk and taught the Roman Catholic ways. While being a monk, Martin Luther disagreed with some of the practices and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church and those objections fueled his fight to change the Catholic traditions.
             The fundamental issue that Martin Luther argued was the salvation of humans. Martin Luther believed that all humans were sinners and not righteous; human effort could not earn their salvation. Luther felt that the only way you could obtain salvation was by faith and faith alone. One of his arguing points is that salvation involves the inner soul and outer works would not affect the inner man. Luther also talks about the truth of faith and how through faith we give God the great honor that He deserves. Another example of the relationship between faith and Christ, Luther wrote about faith and Christ being united as in marriage but of a much truer nature than human marriage. Luther also argues; the first Commandment is fulfilled by faith alone and that humans works are inanimate things that cannot glorify God. Martin Luther also liked to use the writing of Paul to...

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