Journal on Edward Taylor

             I selected "The Experience" by Edward Taylor. I think that I picked it because when I read it, I felt like I knew what he was talking about in a sense. Maybe it is because it is very similar to the journal that we recently did about our own spiritual experience. I feel that the narrator of the poem is declaring his love for god. He is professing that he and god are closer, after an experience that he had. This is just what we wrote about; feeling differently after a particular experience. The topic of the story is simply what I have said. The language made it a little difficult to understand, but after I figured out what was being said, I could interpret the meaning of the poem.
             I don't think that this poem declares any conflict that the narrator encounters. From my understanding, it is a poem of spiritual recognition. The narrator is expressing his new found understanding of his god. I think it is easy to realize that the most important thing to this man is religion. He writes about it as it were the only thing in the entire world. To write this way, I think that you have to have a deep passion for the topic. I believe that Taylor was a Puritan, and it was common for Puritans to have such intense opinions of religion and the importance of it in life. The writing just seems to be so fiery.
             The idea of light and light producing things is very prevalent in the poem. "What Beam of Light wrapt up my Sight...", "But yet more Strange that shine...", "Oh! That that Flame which thou didst on me Cast...", "Give place, ye Angells Bright." So many of the lines reflect the importance of light. This has metaphorical connotations. Light is the power to see the truth, to see what is. The narrator has seen the light; he knows where to go now. Maybe this story is of a man that has strayed from the path of righteousness, and now he has seen where

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