My Identity as a Product of Socialization

             Prior to registering for this Sociology course I had never really given any serious thought to what the development of Socialization entailed. After having read the Chapter on Socialization I find it very fascinating when I think about all the different processes that need to take place in order for one to become a functioning “socialized” member of society. In the paragraphs to follow I will give explanation to what I believe have thus far contributed to my “socialized identity”.
             Beginning in infancy through roughly 5 years of age there were numerous agents of socialization in my life that include the following: my mother, father, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and church nursery attendants, all of whom I interacted with on a daily to weekly basis. The primary agents were my mom and dad. I grew up in a traditional urban, middle-class family for the 1970’s, which translates to the fact that my parents were a married, loving couple who took great pride in the task of raising me and instructing me as to what was considered acceptable and was deemed unacceptable in their eyes. My mom and dad played the largest role in the initial steps of my primary socialization, as they were the ones who were the main factors in my earliest socialization skills such as language and manner development. My mother was a high school graduate and stay at home mom. My father had a college education and was employed outside the home for a local bank as a computer programmer. Mom was expected to keep up all of the housework, cooking, some of the yard work as well take care of my cousin, who was 4 months my senior and myself. She let me assist her as much as I was able with her many tasks and commended me for doing so verbally by referring to me as “mommy’s little helper”. I would often go behind her with an extra dust rag and imitate her while she was cleaning, or follow either parent with my toy lawnmower replicating their ev...

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