being an entrepreneur

             Being an Entrepreneur is one of the most exciting and popular things to do. Though starting and maintaining your own business isn't easy. Through real life experience I have learned how to manage and maintain a business. In the following I intend on telling you how to do it yourself to display what I have learned.
             Your heart pounds. You smile. Excitement abounds. You are inspired. Life has a new meaning. What is the object of all this positive energy? An idea! The experience of getting a new idea is wonderful. What follows can also be fun and exciting, when you have a plan and know what it takes to carry your idea from conception to reality.
             Dreaming a dream is one thing, but bringing the dream to market is another dimension entirely. Business is all about making money, which means the bottom line, is the bottom line. However, once your dream is realized there are several steps you must take before going to the market. (Entrepreneur's Guide PG 20)
             Educating yourself needs to be both open-ended and focused, to provide the freedom necessary to explore unexpected leads. Success at this stage often depends on how open-minded you are. If you enter the education process with even some preconceptions, you are likely to miss important learning (Entrepreneur's Guide PG 36). Adopt a spirit of adventure about learning new things. If you fear learning new information because it might undermine your idea, then you will miss major insights.
             There is good news in everything you learn, if only your vision is broad and clear enough to see it. How a joint venture with the company holding the patent could be an even bigger idea? How you can use the learning and experience from working on this project to benefit your company in other ways. This attitude is crucial to your success at this early stage. (Entrepreneur's Guide PG 39)
             Focus also helps the education process, but there is a vast amount of i...

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