The Benefits of Athletics to a Child

             The Benefits of Athletics to a Child
             Referring to athletes as “dumb jocks” is a thing of the past. It takes a lot of time, effort, and guts to be an athlete, but in the end it all pays off because playing sports help prepare children for the future. Playing sports as a child is like a practice run for the future; there are many life lessons that are taught through sports. The child will be forced to deal with these life lessons in a larger prospective when they grow older. Athletics are a very important part of growing up because of the benefits and life lessons that sports teach.
             It is important for children to find out who they really are and to develop their own character. Sports help them find out more about themselves and teach them to be happy with whom they are. The book How to Win at Sports Parenting states that involving children in sports helps them to become “self-directed, compassionate, cooperative citizens of integrity” (Sundberg 71). The development of character also develops “independence, responsibility, and accountability” which boosts self esteem (Sundberg 71). Sports teach children not only to get better physically, but also emotionally and mentally. Being the team’s MVP does not develop self-esteem, it is developed knowing that they are part of the team and are contributing (Micheli 29).
             Another reason why children should play sports is the friendships that develop through playing them; the more sports you play, the more friends you can make. A large group of people socializing in an exciting environment helps children to make friends. Children should also be encouraged to make friends with opponents and encouraged leaving rivalries on the field. Children should keep in mind that their opponents are just
             like them, they just want to have fun. It is said that the true spirit of sports is through friendships and there is no other bond like one a player develops with his teammat...

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