Computer Technology is Here to Stay

             Computers have gone long way from its first invention to today's high speed machine that plays big role in mathematical modeling to the fields of medicine. Further down as the computers reduced in sizes they took on different purposes in communication, digital media (photography and now DVD), shopping and banking online, and control systems in cars. There is hardly anybody around who can say their lives haven't been influenced by computers. Computers have all but taken over society as we know it. Everywhere you look, computers have greatly improved our lives.
             The Internet is a technique of communication and a resource of information that has become trendier among educated and those who like to just surf the information superhighway. This in turn has created new modes of keeping in-touch and relaying data and video contents at a lower cost. There are also problems being created with this much information being accessible to general public. Some of these problems are related to spread of pornographic, and hate materials over the internet. The governments throughout the world are pushing for censorship. But a portion of the public does not want the government to regulate the Internet.
             The computer crimes that started in the 70's have become more and more widespread mainly due to the advancement in the computer technology and the unregulated access to the internet. Some computer crimes are committed by outside individuals that hack into a computer system. These are individuals that generally steal protected information and cause data loss by vandalism. The only way to prevent this kind of crime is to have the international community of countries implement a treaty that would regulate the use of internet.
             The birth of computer goes way back into human technological evolution. The very first computer is thought to be invented in China3. The Chinese adding machine as it is called didn't have any electronic parts3. It was a sim...

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