A review of Indian Killer

            An Invincible Killer
             The Indian Killer was a spiritual incarnation developed due to years of abuse and mistreatment of Native Americans, and created through a ritualistic dance known as the ghost dance. There are many reasons I believe the killer is not a human and actually some supernatural entity, and after reading the book, I feel Sherman Alexie wants the reader to be left with this feeling. One reason is that the killer is never identifiable, no one notices it, and the description of its appearance is very inconsistent. Another reason that I find it hard to believe the killer is human is the way it attacks and encounters it's victims. My final reason that I think the killer is a supernatural force is because no one in the book really fits into the mold of the killer, yet everyone has similarities as well.
             Throughout the entire book, the killer assumes no one true identity, making the book difficult to predict and leaving the reader puzzled when the book is finished. I myself thought I missed some key feature in the book when I came to the last page and still had no solid answer for who the killer was. Trying to find other points of view on the book, I researched different reviews and they all identified John as the killer due to him being raised in a culture outside his own. However, after hearing the interview conducted with Alexie, I believe he never meant for the killer to be a human, and more of an angel of death that came to be due to the ghost dance.
             Although the ghost dance is never mentioned as being done in the book, it is brought up as well as other hints at Indian rituals. The killer singing and dancing as more and more join in, and Marie's cryptic comment: "Indians are dancing now, and I don't think they are going to stop"(418), all lead me to believe that just as the Indians where planning the ghost dance in 1890 and stopped by the U.S. Army, it is happening now, and working. The ...

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