Daisy Miller

             Throughout life each of us as individuals are brought up to conform to the values, norms, and ethics of the society in which we live. What we often find when analyzing the values of different cultures and societies are different standards with which we live. These standards may be based on religion, different social groups in which people belong, as well as the social environment that surrounds us. Each and every culture is very unique in its own way and expects all individuals to conform to their own systems. When individuals of different cultures are brought together perceptions of one another are based on ones own societal beliefs and the value systems they are brought up with. In the story "Daisy Miller", Henry James gives his readers the opportunity to look at these differences and see the misperceptions individuals can have of one another. These perceptions are often based solely on ones own value system, which are instilled every individual from birth. Miss Miller's travel throughout Europe exemplifies the ideals of one country and how they contrast with those of another.
             Originally from Schenectady, New York Miss Millers value system is quite different from the European value system. She is perceived as being very flirtatious by the European's and is labeled as an outcast in both Switzerland and Rome. While In Switzerland Miss Miller meets a man named Winterbourne. Winterbourne, brought up by a socially elite group is continually warned by his aunt of his newly found friend. Mrs. Costello states, "They are very common... They are the sorts of Americans that one does one's duty by-not accepting" (p. 13). Mrs. Costello, Winterbournes aunt does not accept this flirtatious behavior of Miss Miller and actually refuses to meet her. Winterbourne's views were quite different from his aunt due to his "old attachment from the little metropolis of Calvinism, he had been put to school there a...

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