The Attributes of a Good Husband

             A good husband is a friend; a person to depend upon whenever help or guidance is needed. He is the backbone of his family by providing them with nurturing care, love and bringing them happiness. A man who appreciates the virtue of service, contribution, and sacrifice for others. By contrast, a man who does not accommodate the needs of his spouse or family exhibits negative qualities, portrays a bad husband. The differences lead me to conclude that a good husband is a life longs companion that will accompany his wife in planning their lives and together facing the future.
             It has always been seen that a husband should take charge of external matters while his wife should take care of domestic matters. Housework is not the bounden duty of a wife. A good husband has to be "totally involved," sharing the housework to show his consideration. The family belongs to both husband and wife and housework should be shared. Calculating the share of housework will cause conflicts in a relationship. The husband should give a chance to show his tenderness and equal duty of responsibility because it takes two people working together to make a relationship to work. A husband takes the role as head of his family and has to provide protection and shelter his wife. However, a husband should never feel inferior or useless. It is not necessary to have the family supported by one person. A good husband will allow for the burden to be lighter by sharing the responsibility with his wife.
             Our society generally has particular expectations of the acts and thoughts of men. A family is supposed to be built together by a good husband and wife. Hardships and joys should be shared. A man, however, sees himself dealing with many of the difficulties alone. Men have usually been suppressed in expressing their emotions and seldom talk about their mood. But, a good husband will give his wife a chance to walk the lifelong path with him. He will share his feelings, not c...

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