Defining Moments in Canadian History

             Defining moments in Canadian history
             Canada has been a nation for 136 years this July first and there have been many important points in her history. Three of these stick out as defining moments in Canadian history, the patriation of the Canadian constitution, the creation of the CBC and Canada's involvement in the "D" day invasion of France.
             The British North America act is Canada's original constitution. It gave the Canadian government the power to make its own laws but all new laws had to be approved by the British government. Prime Minister Trudeau decided that it was time for Canada to bring home the constitution. After discussion with the premiers of each province an agreement had been reached between the provincial and the federal government. Three main points of the agreement were 1. The power to amend the constitution would be brought home to Canada 2. Changes to the constitution could be made if the federal government and seven of the provinces agreed 3. The charter of rights and freedoms would be added to the constitution. All of the provinces agreed to this except Quebec and the deal was approved by the federal parliament to Quebec's discontent. The new constitution was approved by the British government on March 8 1982 115 years after the original British North America act was signed to the day and Canada truly became a fully independent nation.
             On November 2 1936 the Canadian broadcasting corporation was created by the Canadian government as a crown corporation. It was not until September 6 1952 that the Canadian broadcasting corporation made its first television broadcast in Montreal. At that time only 26% of the population could watch that broadcast if they wanted to. By 1954 that number had almost tripled to 60% of the population being able to watch a CBC broadcast. That same year the CBC became the second largest broadcaster of television programming in the world. By 1957...

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