Ludwig van beethooven

             1. Mozart's finest opera, The Magic Flute is a comic German opera which is so lively with elements of fantasy and free-flying imagination. The Magic flute has an enormous complex plot and multilevel story The opera encompass variety of styles such as fugue, folk songs, comedy and hymn that describes autonomy of individual, self-determination, appalling sexism, the ideals of power, wisdom, and beauty. Mozart wrote The Magic Flute in 1791, just after the French Revolution and tragically just two months before his death it was premiered in Vienna. The opera is so rich with elements, it portrays different characters and expresses their every emotion and feelings that changes and evolves throughout the piece. Mozart's ability to express music in a way that it portrays human emotions and feeling so clear that it relates the audience in a personal level and where the audience becomes one with the music is indescribable. Mozart music and passion has inspired composers in his era and the music history after him.
             Countess Natalie Clarinet you are cardinally invited to a concert featuring the music of Herr Ludwig van Beethoven. The concert will begin at 7:30 and will take place at Theater-an-der-Wien. A premiere of Herr Ludwig van Beethoven new work, Symphony No. 5, will be included on the program. Also included will be the following works: Ah perfido, Mass in C major, the Fourth Piano Concerto, and Choral Fantasy.
             It was a cold dready winter of 1808, in Vienna, the year that has changed my life. It was the year when Napoleon occupies Rome and invades Spain, taking Barcelona and Madrid where he became a King of Spain. The Spanish king and his son were removed from power and replaced by Napoleon's brother Joseph. As news of this affront to their national pride spread, Spain's population exploded into a spontaneous revolt. It was a time of war, despair, and revolution. My family has already lost two brothers in the battle f...

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